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We’re back from vacation and ready for another blog! For this week’s habit challenge, I decided to eat three proper meals every day of the week. 


I’ve always had issues balancing work and health. Now these issues really only arise when I shift into full-work-mode, where I’m breathing, thinking and living my work 24/7. A tough work-day is really fulfilling to me. In fact it’s so satisfying that I often neglect other areas of my life, because there is no immediate need for them to be addressed in terms of my happiness. 

And this is where a problem can arise that over time affects the work itself, at which point I find it necessary to address the issue at hand. In this case it is not eating properly. ‘Not properly’ doesn’t mean that I’m eating ‘bad’ food, it simply means that I’m either forgetting to eat meals, or that I’m convincing myself that a small falafel wrap will do fine for dinner, as this will save me some time. 

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I have a very- some might say- skeletal complexion. Nothing wrong with that, I just don’t need that much sustenance to keep this machine going. And when I do eat a lot, my body just metabolizes it very quickly, and generally, the more I eat the more I poop. It’s that simple. It just goes through me. So it’s very easy for me to say that I just don’t need to each as many meals as everyone else. 

But the truth is that I’m aware of my body’s habits as well. If I decided not to eat breakfast for a month, chances are pretty good that my body is going to adapt and stop craving breakfast after some time. But I’m not always aware that my body has adapted. I’ll convince myself in the short-term that, ‘you know what? I think I do just fine without eating breakfast. Guess I don’t really need it.’. But somewhere I must know that I really should be eating three proper meals throughout the day, which is why I set myself this challenge. 


I started the week by going to the grocery store and getting myself some food. This is where my first problem arrises. I don’t really like wasting food, so tend to only buy one meals worth of ingredients. Cooking for yourself is kind of a fucking nightmare, because if you buy a head of lettuce, you have to eat that entire head of lettuce before it goes bad. So guess what? Your eating lettuce for the next three days buddy boy. Same goes for potatoes or tomatoes, or whatever the hell else your buying. 

So for this reason I already knew I’d be repeating meals, but that was fine with me. Originally I had wanted this challenge to include eating something new for every meal, but that’d just be a waste. So I buy my groceries, and decide I’m going to start every day with a sandwich. A sandwich made of black-bread, hummus, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and these veggie patties that Mad’s told me were vegan, but turned out to be vegetarian (don’t get me started on being a vegan in a country where you can’t understand the ingredients. And if someone’s gonna suggest that I pull out google translate, I’d like them to try and type every ingredient on a bag of chips into google and see how long it takes.) These sandwiches were absolutely delicious, and if anyone wants the recipe, don’t ask, it’s a secret.


I won’t bore you with what I ate over the entire week, but it was mainly mainly pasta, potatoes and falafel, with a variety of vegetables, pickled stuff and hot sauce. 

I found that even though I didn’t think I was hungry, I would be hungry as soon as I started eating. I also felt much better throughout the day- just more energy in general. Taking breaks to prepare the food was a much needed break from work, and sitting down and enjoying a podcast or video just felt very comfortable.

Doing this for just one week was enough for me to start craving food at certain points of the day again. Mainly breakfast. Now I wake up, and really feel that I need to just eat a quick sandwich to feel ready for the day. I still run into issues of not having enough food in the fridge, but that also has to do with the fact that I share the fridge with five other people. 


I think this challenge has also shown me that meal prepping is quite important. If I wake up and already know what I am going to eat, it becomes much more natural for me to head downstairs and start preparing that meal. If I wake up without having thought about it, it’s easier for me to decide to just hold off until lunch. 

Another factor is obviously also money. Not eating as much saves you money. But I think that mindset is extremely short sighted. Yes it might save you a few Kroner that day, but in the long run, you are going to have less energy, which is going to affect your work, which will ultimately affect how much money you make. 

I think it’s important for me to balance work in general. So that’ll be my plan going forward.